A trip to Spain, in the West Village

On a lazy day off, I decided to wander into Tertulia and grab a simple bite for lunch. I noticed the nice and casual decor right away when I sat down at the bar. There was barely anybody around noon time, but started getting really busy around 1:30pm.

As the bartender and I conversed about food and life, I could tell she was really knowledgeable about all the ingredients and dishes on the menu. In the end, I decided to order the croquettes (no-brainer) and brussels sprouts.

Ibérico ham croquettes, membrillo. Gently fried with a soft and creamy inside. The ham was tender and diced, but there was not a lot of it. They sat on top of some sweet membrillo that gave the dish some sweetness. Good dish, but I would’ve liked more ham flavor.

Crispy brussels sprouts, pork belly, mojo picón. The brussels sprouts were tasty and cooked well with a slight char on them. Hiding in the forest of green were a few pieces of amazing pork belly that really added to the flavor of the dish when you had a bite of it. Again, I wished there was more pork belly.

Still feeling hungry, I ordered the fried shishito peppers. They were a nice casual finger food, and the sea salt definitely added both texture and taste to the dish. I expected more heat from the peppers, but since I don’t think they were completely in season yet, I was slightly disappointed.

If you also fancy a drink here, I would recommend one of their special cocktails infused with their own housemade liquor. I tried their whiskey pear cocktail and it was delicious. Topped with a really nice smoked pear skewer, the cocktail was not overpowered by the housemade pear syrup in the whiskey. The drink still retained the smokey flavor of both the pear and the whiskey.