Novita? Yes-vita

If you’re in the mood for a solid italian option, go for Novita. Walk a few steps down and you’ll find the dining room behind a curtain. The restaurant is on the small side so expect to be cramped. Dimly lit in the evenings, it gives off a slightly romantic feel to the atmosphere. However, the noise level can get pretty energetic because of the small space, so I personally wouldn’t take a date here.

We decided to skip the appetizers on this particular night and just dive right into the pastas. The tomato sauce for the orecchiete with spicy sausage and broccoli rabe was a new twist to the classic that worked well, adding a nice subtle spiciness that wasn’t overpowering. The pasta was cooked al dente, but the sausage was overcooked and a bit tough. From my small bites of the other pastas, they were all cooked well and had good flavors. I thought the tagliolini with lobster was quite colorful with the asparagus adding some nice earthy green to the dish. My friend who ordered the spaghetti with clams dish had a decent heap of tiny empty clam shells by the end. And my other friend thought the best pasta of the night was the pappardelle with lamb ragu.

Dessert consisted of cheesecake, tiramisu, and chocolate tart. The chocolate tart was nothing special, but my oh my, the other two were simply delicious. Both the cheesecake and tiramisu were soft, creamy, and dreamy. Unfortunately, service throughout our meal was very slow. We had to flag down the waiter numerous times to order wine, entrees, dessert, and to refill our water. On the plus side though, their wine list has a good number of bottles under $100, so alcohol doesn’t have to break the bank. This was my second visit and I’ll be back, but I really wish they’d up their service.

*title credit to Melissa Horowitz