Pancakes Anyone?

There are very few places in NYC that are worth returning to, but this one easily makes the list. I have eaten at Clinton Street Baking Company multiple times, and have never left disappointed. That’s saying a lot for someone who’s not a big fan of brunch. Because this restaurant is so small, expect to wait at least 30 minutes on an off-peak weekday, and around 1.5 hours on a weekend. You can pass the time by putting your name down on the list and exploring the area, but I would actually suggest loitering outside and sneaking in on the off-chance the names ahead of yours are not around when called.

Take it from me, the blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter are HEAVENLY. This is the stuff dreams are made of. When the thick but fluffy stack of 4 large pancakes covered with fresh blueberries comes out, you start drooling uncontrollably. No need for a knife, your fork easily slices through the mountain of gold to reveal more hot and gooey blueberries cooked directly into them. As you pour (or dip, your preference) the warm maple butter over the pancakes and take your first bite, you are instantly transported into pure bliss. The pancakes simply melt in your mouth and the warm maple butter is like liquid crack you just want to chug. Throw in some sugar cured bacon and you get the perfect balance of savory sweetness. Nothing is quite like it.

Expect slow service even after waiting forever to get seated, but it’s all worth it. Clinton St Bakery’s generous portions are consistently delicious.  I will definitely be back once my craving for pancakes creeps up again.

Side notes:
The banana walnut pancakes are good, but I don’t think they can compare to the blueberry. Also, I prefer the sugar cured to the double smoked bacon.


Blueberry pancakes and sugar cured bacon